Best Morning Oats: Apricot-Ginger Steel Cut Oats

Here’s one of my all-time favorite breakfasts: Apricot-Ginger Steel-Cut Oats. It’s easy, it’s do-ahead, it’s adaptable, and it’s delicious. We all have great intentions for eating a good breakfast everyday–or at least eating breakfast–and with this recipe you can. It’s a basic soaked/cooked steel-cut oat, into which a yummy combo of dried fruits have been added. The flavor is … Continue reading Best Morning Oats: Apricot-Ginger Steel Cut Oats

Breakfast Porridge Sourdough

Exactly one year ago I embarked on a mission to learn how to make really good bread, naturally leavened, crunchy-crusted, tender-chewy crumb, with that heart-grabbing toasty-nutty-caramel-fermenty-yeasty aroma only fresh bread has. Fresh real bread. As a pastry chef, my professional life always revolved around sugars, butter, eggs, cream and an endless array of other rich, expensive … Continue reading Breakfast Porridge Sourdough